About Us

Before opening our first resort on Hilton Head Island,  
South Carolina in 1984, Marriott Vacations Worldwide 
carefully evaluated the timeshare industry and identified 
opportunities that could enhance the overall vacation 
ownership experience. Since then, the company has 
earned its position as a leader and innovator in vacation 
ownership products. In keeping with our company‚Äôs more 
than 30-year history of innovation, a new points-based 
program was introduced in 2010, providing Owners 
unparalleled flexibility in their vacation experiences.  
Marriott Vacations Worldwide remains committed to 
providing exceptional service, and the constant evolution  
of its products is what keeps Owner and Member families 
coming back generation after generation.  

In late 2011, Marriott Vacations Worldwide was established 
as a separate, public company from Marriott International, 
Inc. Focusing primarily on vacation ownership experiences, 
our company preserves high standards of excellence in 
serving its customers, investors and associates while 
maintaining a strong relationship with Marriott International.