Marriott Vacations Worldwide Green Initiative 

began at our corporate headquarters and has continued 
to roll out to resorts worldwide. Each Marriott Vacation 
Club resort has established its own “Green Team” to 
manage its environmental efforts. Green Teams include 
volunteer associates from a variety of departments that 
meet monthly to determine an environmental action 
plan and monitor the daily conservation efforts on-site. 
Through the efforts of these Green Teams, many resorts 
have adopted more environmentally conscious practices 
and associates are able to make a positive impact on 
their local communities. The majority of resorts have now 
transitioned to using LED light bulbs and Energy Star



Appliances. They also purchase environmentally friendly 
products and provide Owners and guests with recycling 
options. Additionally, Marriott Vacations Worldwide 
encourages associates to use environmentally conscious 
commuting options whenever possible. Carpooling is 
encouraged and many associates walk, bike or take public 
transportation to work. Many resorts participate in “Bike to 
Work” week and some resorts have even implemented a 
shuttle service for associates on peak days. 


Conservation Initiatives at 

Marriott Vacation Club Resorts

Lighting Timer/Sensors 


LED light bulbs 


Low Flow Faucets/ 



Energy Star Appliances 


Environmentally 88% 

Friendly Products

Charge Points for 


Electric Vehicles

Resorts that have 


Green Teams

Out of 49 properties surveyed.