Marriott Vacations Worldwide supports 

Step Up For Students, a program that provides 

scholarships so low-income children can find the best school for their learning needs. 
To date, Marriott Vacations Worldwide has 

donated $650,000 which has created 112 

scholarships. Step Up For Students is committed to giving underprivileged Florida parents 
a voice in their children’s education with the hope that students will thrive in a school 
that can best meet their needs. The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship through Step Up For 
Students allows these children to either attend a participating private school or out-of-
district public school. Since the program was created in 2001, Step Up For Students has 
awarded more than 580,000 scholarships to Florida schoolchildren.

On Course Foundation provides long-term rehabilitation 
and vocational benefits for injured, wounded and sick 
Service members and Veterans through golf tuition, work 
experience and jobs in the golf industry. On Course 
Foundation began in the United Kingdom in 2009 and was 
launched in the United States in 2013. By using the game 
of golf, this charity provides injured Service members and 
Veterans with the opportunity to play in the only game with 
a level playing field due to the golf handicap system.

With our experience in the golf industry and our existing  
golf programs, supporting the On Course Foundation was  
a natural fit for Marriott Vacations Worldwide. We became 
proud supporters when the United States Foundation 
launched in 2013, and have assisted through corporate 
financial contributions and in-kind donations such as use  
of our golf facilities and stays at our resorts. 

Through the confidence the game of golf brings injured 
Service members and Veterans, the ultimate goal of the On 
Course Foundation is to carry that confidence to members’ 
lives off of the course through work experience roles and 
full-time job opportunities within the golf industry. We also 
help to provide employment guidance and job placement 
opportunities to these Service members and Veterans 
through our golf programs.


sick and injured service 

members have benefited from 

the On Course Foundation, 

with 20% experiencing employment success 

through either work experience or employment 

in the golf industry