The Marriott Vacations Worldwide Clays for Kids Tournament 

Each year, the Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporate Office in Lakeland, Florida hosts 
a sporting clays tournament to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The 
tournament has raised over $195,000 since it began in 2012. Business partners and 
associates come out to support the cause and enjoy a round of sporting clays, a catered 
lunch and an auction. All proceeds from the event benefit the local All Children’s Hospital 
in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

The 2016 event raised over $35,000

Marriott Vacations 
Worldwide has been a 
major partner with The 

Torch Relay for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since 
the event’s inception. Participants can walk or run in one of 
several different Torch Relay events throughout the country 
to raise money for their local Children’s Miracle Network 
Hospital. The Torch Relay began in 2002 as a continuous 
relay starting in Miami, Florida and ending in Orlando, Florida. 
In 2003, the event was expanded to include Northern 
Florida and Georgia. The first coast-to-coast relay was held 
in 2005 and has continued to grow. Since 2002, the Torch 
Relay has raised over $12.5 million for Children’s Miracle 
Network Hospitals nationwide. Each year, Marriott Vacations 
Worldwide is a corporate sponsor of the event and our 
associates make significant contributions to The Torch Relay 
through fundraising dollars, volunteer efforts and leadership 
of the event.

“After a nasty fall, my son was hospitalized to monitor 
the blood on his brain overnight. Fortunately, he was 
well enough to leave the next day and life continued 
as usual. However, I remember the dozens of staff 
my wife and I met and the plethora of equipment 
they had around the facility to help mend those in 
need. As I came back to work and started preparing 
for the next Children’s Cup Golf Tournament, I had a 
different passion. I saw how the funds were used and 
how important it was to our community. That year 
we raised an additional $10,000 and the next year 
we raised $10,000 more. I took that same passion 
to the Torch Relay and strive to be one of the top 
fund raisers every year, because I have seen why the 
funding is so important!

#WhyIWalk – Erac Priester, Marriott’s Barony Beach Club


 raised for 

CMNH through the 

2016 Torch Relay

2016 Top Fundraising        


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