“Marriott Vacation Club has always been at the forefront of exciting and unique vacation 

experiences. That continues with our newest innovation, clubTHRIVE.”

Refuel: Providing our Owners and guests with hardy and well-balanced food and beverage choices, 
educating them on the nutritional value of their diet and helping them make healthy decisions in life. 

Renew: Helping our Owners and guests achieve a “vacation mindset,” allowing them to unwind and enjoy 
their stay with us in two ways: physically, through light stretching exercises or yoga; and mentally, through 
sensory experiences in peaceful and relaxing environments. 

Move: Offering cardio, strength and toning programs to Owners and guests who want a real workout, 
designed to be fun alternative to a typical gym workout.

Explore: Providing our Owners and guests opportunities to experience the resorts’ locales in ways that  
are healthy, educational and fun.

Many of our Owners and guests are active, health-conscious 
individuals who see their vacations as a way to break the 
cycle of their often stress-filled lives. Regardless of age or 
position in life, their desire to be healthy and stay healthy 
is paramount. As a result, they want vacations that are 
healthy and uplifting – benefiting both their physical and 
mental well-being. In support of this, Marriott Vacation Club 
created the clubTHRIVE activity program. 

What makes clubTHRIVE unique is that it is completely 
customizable to the wants and needs of Owners and 
guests. It incorporates four elements in response to a wide 
variety of wants and needs.