Associate Engagement 

Our associates’ well-being is our deepest and most 
enduring value. From our work/life balance program to our 
ongoing associate-focused events, our company is committed 
to helping our associates live healthy, happy and fulfilling 
lives, which is why our annual Engagement Survey is a 
critical piece of our retention strategy. We are proud to 
report that in 2016, we had a 

97% participation rate and 

an overall engagement score of 85%, which was seven 
points above the Aon Global Best Employer Benchmark of 
78%. Although our scores are exceptional, we are always 
looking for ways to improve and ensure our associates’ 
voices will continue to be heard.

At Marriott Vacations Worldwide, we understand that our 
associates are truly the foundation of our company and that 
our culture drives guest satisfaction. Amazing locations and 
impressive accommodations aside, it all comes down to an 
associate – where training, experience and enthusiasm 
come together. Our philosophy that associates come first 
has led to impressive satisfaction scores from Owners, 
Members and guests. 

Associate Appreciation Week 

Marriott Vacations Worldwide celebrates a full week each 
year dedicated to the appreciation of our associates globally. 

“Gold Stevie” Award Winner for Company  
of the Year
 – Hospitality & Leisure Category

Named as a Multi-Country Winner in the 2016 
Aon Best Employers Program
 – In the countries 
of Aruba, Australia, France, Ireland, Spain, Thailand,  
the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom  
and the United States.

“A little more than 20 years ago, we created Associate 

Appreciation Week for a specific purpose–to provide 

each of us the opportunity to stop for a few moments 
to think about who and what we appreciate 
throughout the company, and to celebrate them.” 

– Steve Weisz, President and CEO